School-Aged Gymnastics


(As per Timetable), $180 per term

These classes are aimed at teaching the fundamentals of gymnastics in a fun, safe and active way. Classes are per current age and split depending on gender. All gymnasts will be ability tested in their first class and grouped accordingly. We will monitor each gymnast throughout the term and as they progress they will be awarded with a certificate and will move on to the next level. There are 26 levels of achievement encouraging the gymnasts to progress quickly through where awards will be given upon competition of each level. Our development programme is aligned with Gymnastic New Zealand new Gym for All competition structure, giving us a new platform for competing. They will also be able to participate in recreational gymnastics festivals and competitions throughout the year if they choose too.



(As per Timetable), $180 per term

The aim of this programme is to introduce gymnasts to tumbling. The levels are progressive and do not have any age restrictions.  This is a one-hour class designed to teach the basics and up to roundoff flick flack successfully by themselves.  These classes are ideal for anyone wanting to learn how to tumble or improve his/her tumbling skills, including dancers, cheerleaders or martial artists.  Classes offered throughout the week across many days and time slots.

(Please note that this is floor tumbling, not trampoline).