About Howick Gymnastic Club

The Howick Gymnastic Club is a non-profit organisation that has been a part of the East Auckland community since 1976. We have classes for children of all ages from introductory to competitive gymnastics.

The club is an incorporated society that is run voluntarily with a Board. The members of the club are mostly the gymnasts, who each, because of their age, nominate an adult as their representative and spokesperson for administrative purposes. Interested adults may also be members in their own right.

Our affiliation is to the national body of gymnastics - Gymnastics New Zealand, and through them to the international gymnastics organisation.

Fees currently start at $180/term for one hour a week including an affiliation fee which is paid to Gymnastics New Zealand.  

The Howick Gymnastic Programme

We strive to provide a broadly based gymnastics program. This is beneficial: - To the general fitness of a child - It is fun and satisfying (turning upside down, rolling, swinging, balancing, jumping, hanging and playing. - For growth and development within a safe environment - To develop good ‘basics’ for many activities and sports.  A wide range of gymnastic related movement experiences can be seen in our sessions at different times during the year; games, relays, stretching, physical challenges, basic body positions, tight body drills, the use of hand held equipment (hoops, balls skipping ropes etc) display work, partner and group activities and apparatus work.

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New Members

On arrival, please proceed through the downstairs area into the main gym.  We have family room with seating where parents can sit and watch their gymnast.

Please place shoes, drink bottles and any articles of clothing in the cubby holes at the back of the seated area.  Then please wait quietly until the Class Supervisor calls the class onto the main gym floor.  Gymnasts only on the gym floor please - no siblings or adults.
The Coaches will call you onto the floor and after a quick warm up they will allocate you to a coach, please listen carefully for your name to be called.
During the training session, the coach will move around various gym apparatus.  Please make sure you are paying attention to direction and are with your group at all times.
If you need to go to the bathroom, or are leaving early, please let your coach know.
At the end of the session, do not leave the gym floor until the coach dismisses you.  We ask that all children who are waiting to be collected, wait inside the gym in the seated area, for safety reasons.

If you have any concerns at any time, please email  enquiries@howickgym.co.nz.

Our office Hours: 9am to 12pm - Monday to Friday

Monique Gapes
Centre Manager
Nikki Korte
Accounts Manager
Cara McCarthy
Squad Manager Competitive
Clodia Wang
Squad Manager Recreational
Bridget McLaren
Customer Services Administrator
Jo Vincze
Customer Services Administrator