The Howick Gymnastic Club offers free trials for those children who would like to try out the class to see if they would enjoy it before booking. Please click here and follow the instructions on the online form. You will recieve a confirmation email and a follow up email with the instructions on how to book in for the remainder of the term. Please note that all our registrations for classes are through our website by either registering as a member if you are new to the club or logging in via the member login section at the top right of our website. 

BABYGYM (6 months to 2 years)

Thursday 9.30 - 10:15am, $99 per term

The focus of our Babygym classes is to involve the child in a variety of movement experiences using various pieces of handheld equipment, big gym equipment, as well as music and games.  Babygym is a parent and child class where all children are at different ages and stage of physical, social, emotional and mental development.  Parents are encouraged to help their child get the most out of the session while the coaches are there to inform and guide both parent and child.  This programme is a balance of play, with some structure (guidance), which provides the child with a range of movement experiences each week.

PLAYGYM (2-4 years old)

Monday 10.00-10.45am, Tuesday 3.00-3.45pm, Thursday 10.15-11.00am, Saturday 9.00-9.45am - $99 per term 

Playgym classes are aimed at encouraging movement and fun for our youngest members.  It provides a great introduction into sport generally, with the emphasis on development of essential skills.Playgym is a parent and child class where children will be learning various gymnastic skills througout the term through a programme designed to capture all the fundamental learning skills that gymnastics has to offer.  This programme is a balance of play, with some structure (guidance), which provides the child with a range of movement experiences each week.

PLAYGYM ALLSTARS (4-5 years old)

Monday 10.00-11.00am, Thursday 9.15-10.15am, Saturday, 9.45-10.45am, $155 per term

Playgym Allstars is based on the principles of the Playgym classes, and is a coach lead class - there is no parent involvement.  Classes are structured and gymnasts are learning bigger skills using some of the larger gymnastics equipment.  These classes prepare gymnasts for moving to our recreational classes.  


(As per Timetable), $186 per term

These classes are aimed at teaching the fundamentals of gymnastics in a fun, safe and active way. Classes are per current age. All gymnasts will be ability tested in their first class and grouped accordingly. We will monitor each gymnast throughout the term and as they progress they will be awarded and move on to the next level. There are 26 levels of achievement encouraging the gymnasts to progress quickly through where awards will be given upon competition of each level. Our development programme is aligned with Gymnastic New Zealand new Gym for All competition structure, giving us a new platform for competing. They will also be able to participate in recreational gymnastics festivals and competitions throughout the year.  

TUMBLING SQUAD (6-14 years old)

(As per Timetable), $186 per term

The aim of this programme is to introduce gymnasts to tumbling. The levels are progressive and do not have any age restrictions.  This is a one-hour class designed to teach the basics and up to roundoff flick flack successfully by themselves.  These classes are ideal for anyone wanting to learn how to tumble or improve his/her tumbling skills, including dancers, cheerleaders or martial artists.  Classes offered throughout the week across many days and time slots.

(Please note that this is floor tumbling, not trampoline).

GYMKOUR (6-14 years old)

(As per timetable), $186 for 1 hour class & $155 for 45 minute class

The aim of this class is to be a non-structured fun variety class that combines gymnastics and parkour skills. Classes are streamed by age and then our coaches will teach the students a range of skills in both disciplines. There is no structured ciriculum for this programme and your child will not progress through designated levels but will learn skills of both sports and is more of a fun class that uses a wide variety of equipment. 

GYMFIT (12-19 years old)

(As per timetable), $100 per term as this class is subsidised until 2023. 

The aim of this class is to keep young people aged 12-18 engaged in physical activity in a period in their lives where they might not be moving very much. The gymnasts themselves structure the programme so that they have autonomy over what they are learning and what equipment they wish to use in the class. The coach is present to guide and help teach the gymnasts the skills that they wish to learn while still giving them the choices. This class is being funded by the Tu Manawa Active Aoteroa Fund and is currently only $100 per term.



Wednesday 3.15-4pm, $100 per term as this class is subsidised until 2023. 

Our disability classes will focus on seven fundamental movement skills that work towards a holistic approach to your child’s physical, social and emotional wellbeing.  Our fundamental skills are balance, spring, swing, landing, manipulative tasks, locomotion and rotation.

We have options for classes: 

  1. An inclusive approach where your child will be supported within a regular class time with a support coach 
  2. One on one with a coach as a private lesson 
  3. In a group with up to 6 children with disabilities (at 3.15pm for 45mins on Wednesday with up to two coaches) 

Fees will be based on class options above and will be advised once we know which option will be utilised.    Children who have a physical disability are able to apply for funding through Halberg Sports.  We can assist you with this application process.

Please be aware our facility is an old building and lacks wheelchair accessibility for the bathrooms.  We are able to access the building from our large roller door straight onto the equipment.  An access assessment may be required.

 As part of this new programme we require an enquiry form to be filled out to assist us in offering the correct class for your child and their needs.  We will also endeavour to meet your expectations as a parent.

Please email for the form.  Please complete and return via email or drop into the club at 15 Ben Lomond Crescent. 

If you have any queries please email Angela Jaksic on for further information.