GymFit (Adult & Teen Classes)

GymFit Teen Class

The aim of this class is to keep young people aged 11-19 engaged in physical activity in a period in their lives where they might not be moving very much. The gymnasts themselves structure the programme so that they have autonomy over what they are learning and what equipment they wish to use in the class. The coach is present to guide and help teach the gymnasts the skills that they wish to learn while still giving them the choices. These gymnasts do not move through our progression system although can choose to compete in our festivals if they wish to.

GymFit Adult Class

Lead by Commonwealth Medalist David Bishop, these classes are designed to go at your pace with the aim to keep you physically active. All ability levels welcome, this structured class allows individuals to decide on skills they want to work on and area's of gymnastics which they wish to improve or learn.  Every lesson will have a component of strength, flexibility and apparatus work. This class has a casual fee of $22 per session or 

Term Fee: $180.00
Monday 7:15 pm 8:45 pm Register
Term Fee: $180.00
Thursday 7:15 pm 8:45 pm Register